*Genial trash bag wastebasket
The wastebaskets are normally located in visible places. The Genial bag wastebasket agrees with the environment and contributes to your decoration.

The quality and sensitivity of all his materials invite to the bathroom and to the order.

* Aromas
Agreeable and soft aromas adapted for the environments where they are in use.

* Strips for Closing
The strip of closing allows the total utilization of the bag (when the bag gets tied up it) loses great part of his capacity).

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The bag is more hygienic. It allows his hermetic closing without entering in touch with the tailing and avoids the spillage of troublesome liquids in the shut of garbages, refuse bins and streets.

* Packed in rolls , packing with perforation
Easy to extract and guard
They help to support the order
Packing with perforation, only the necessary unit is extracted
The remaining bags in the roll preserve his aroma

* Appropriate Sizes
There are big and medium sizes, there are covered the needs of sizes of the different wastebaskets, allowing the fold towards out of the container.

* Economy
To the being a bag designed specially for the use in the wastebasket is economic, inviting to his major use.

*Genial Ideas
The Genial trash bags wastebasket are designed to facilitate the works at home, office, hotels, clubs, etc. With the quality guarantee and supply of PLASTICOS FLEXIBLES LTDA.