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The repacking is an alternative of crate for a great variety of products, PLASTICOS FLEXIBLES LTDA. has developed his exclusive material REEMPAFLEX, which is obtained from resins mixture imported from several densities, extrusion process and treated in production with very special conditions, this process give as proved highly resistant films in gauges more lewd than the necessary ones on having packed in bags the conventional Polyethylene.
* Use and applications

Our formulation REEMPAFLEX has been developed principally as an option of repacking and crate for many kind of products as:

- Papers                 -Líquids
- Grains                  -Diapers
- Salt                       -Sugar.           Etc

* Benefits
- Low   Unitary Cost.
- Easy manipulation and sealed.
- Excellent properties put on pallets.
- It Allows the printg in bag , (in the film prints code of bars and emblem of the product that it contains).
High resistance to the torn one.
- For his exclusive formulation, the bag does not blockade