* Genial trash bag with Drawstring
The drawstring of closing allows the total utilization of the bag. When a bag gets tied up it loses great part of his capacity.

The Genial trash bag is more hygienic, it allows his hermetic closing, without contact with the tailing.

The drawstring assures the garbage inside the bag avoiding spillage in the shut of garbage, in refuse bins and streets.

* Bags more thick
It has a major capacity and resistance thanks to the mixture of resins used for his manufacture.

* Packed in rollsEmpacadas en rollos
Easy to extract and guard
They help to support the other in the booths of the kitchen
Packing with perforation, only the neccessary unit is extracted























*Appropriate sizes
The Genial trash bags have different sizes to use: Industrial, Big and Medium size, there are covered the needs of the different dimensions of refuse bins that commonly are in use. Every size of bag is identified easily by different colors of packing.

* Genial Ideas
The Genial trash bags with tape are designed to facilitate the works at home, companies, trade, an others places. With the quality guarantee and supply of PLASTICOS FLEXIBLES LTDA.

* Genial Trash Bags Star
This kind of bags count with star seal, this allows to retain the liquids that usually flow of the tailing, his standard size allows to cover diverse.....

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